Still Motion

Still Motion

“Also I wanted to be able to love
And we all know how that one goes, don’t we? Slowly” – Mary Oliver

When we create slowly, we build a long-lasting and meaningful relationship. Weather it’s with a friend, a lover, yourself or the breathtaking piece of wearable art you’re making.
Still Motion unique series is inspired by traditional ways of working with hands and creating without the concept of hurry. As if time has no meaning, as if you stepped off it’s rapid flow stopping it for a while. Via this series the designer wants to treasure traditional handicrafts and the culture of Haute Couture as well as the spiritual part of working with something for hours and hours. Still Motion series advocates slowness and meaningfulness as inseparable aspects of work furthermore emphasizing the idea that in our society the process and the work itself should be valued as highly as the end result.

Still Motion is inspired by the French Rococo and all of it’s organic forms, lighthearted nature, motion and drama of the period. The breathtaking richness of Rococo is presented via fluffy, airy ostrich feathers and innumerable hand embroidered pearls.

Like all Anni Ruuth products the series is entirely hand made. Stitch by stitch, feather by feather executed long-lasting, meaningful garments to be held and cherished as art works. Like Rococo, Still Motion series is about light and freedom, the childlike carefreeness. Asking you to play, to lay in the grass building creations out of clouds over and over again, like there’s no tomorrow.

Photographer: Laura Iikkanen

Model: Lola Conjourt

Muah: Hanna Kallio

Style: Anni Ruuth

Slow Motion

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