Slow Down

SLOW DOWN graduation collection is based on research about the ethics of down material approaching the subject in a soft and inviting method. Collection deals with the ethical problem of plucking birds while they are still alive to maximize the profits in the down industry. The perception of animals in factory farming is contradictory. ”Since the time of Darwin, there has been an acknowledgement in natural sciences that animals are not machinery, but rather very similar to human beings. They feel pain and suffer when treated poorly. They are self-aware.” (Oikeutta eläimille, tietoa, 2015).

SLOW DOWN is a collection based on products made of recycled down and feathers. Alongside with the ethical problems I go through whether it is possible to produce down in a more ethical way and in some cases more ecological way. Collection’s main materials are handwoven silk, industrial leftover feather and recycled down.

SLOW DOWN collection is inspired by the Finnish National Bird, the Whooper Swan and Swan Lake Ballet. This is reflected in the collection through the smooth lines and cuts of the design. Name of the thesis and the collection refers to fashion’s slower cycle and durable and responsibly produced down/feather garment. Swans also have a habit of mating for life. In the collection, a durable and responsibly produced down/feather garment symbolizes this. My collection is a salute to the Swan Queen Odette in every woman – soft like a feather and pink like the evening sun.

Photographer: Maria Hästbacka
Models: Iris B./ Brand model agency
Kaisa H./ Modelboom model agency
Roosa M./ Brand Model agency
Make-Up: Iina Maria Niemi
Hair: Sini Hyttinen
Shoes: Zio

Slow Down

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