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Modern Era Venus

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The pale green waves rolled gently on the rocks. It was a long play, waves caressing stone, ever so slowly carrying it away. The first light danced on the waves, in it’s sincere certainty painting it’s own image of blush and gold on the swaying surface. -Some foam curled up after one of the waves, determined to stay afloat. Sea mist emerged on the spot, cloaking it from the sight. On a vessel of pearly shell rode a divine creature, fresh as the mist yet graceful as the sky itself. The Modern Era Venus rose ashore.

Modern Era Venus is designer Anni Ruuth’s 4th Ateljé collection bringing forward a new, more experimental side of her material knowledge and use of unusual materials. Ruuth, known for her feather creations, wanted to research deeper the surplus materials of animal origin food industry.
So her hands created a natural sequin, surprisingly beautiful, one that reflects light like no other. The natural sequins are actually scales of fish from local water areas. They are hand-dyed and embroided on a silk fabric to create an elegant and unique ensemble.

This new material led the designer to find inspiration from underwater life, pearly shades, shells and flowing water. Sandro Botticelli’s ”The Birth of Venus” acted as an inspirational beacon in the search of the perfect silhouette.

The Modern Era Venus collection is designed for a goddess of today, a woman praising life in all it’s diversity, shining loving energy as her magic power.

The collection is launched the 1st of July in the Anni Ruuth webshop.
The pieces are made-to-order and delivered in 10 to 30 days. To explore the collection, visit Anni Ruuth studio at Pursimiehenkatu 21, 00150 Helsinki. Open by appointment.

The collection is carefully hand-made by skillful Anni Ruuth co-operation artisans in Helsinki. The main materials are hand-dyed and embroided natural sequins, silk organza and silk dupion. The collection is available in EU sizes 34-42.

The collection is done in association with Villisilkki, Helsinki, a boutique specialized in silks.


Photographer Jere Viinikainen

Models Iris Haapanen & Jasmine Dear

Make-up artist Anu Uusipulkamo

Hair stylist Jasmin Hurskainen

Modern Era Venus

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