Designer Anni Ruuth established her namesake brand in Helsinki, Finland in 2017.

ANNI RUUTH is an innovative and up-and-coming fashion brand launching one collection per year. Pieces are made for request and produced in Helsinki. ANNI RUUTH webshop was launched March 2019.

Besides collections ANNI RUUTH designs elegant unique pieces for high profile events such as Finnish Independence day Presidential ball (Linnan juhlat) and Finnish Gala events.

The brand is well known for dreamlike feather garments and a delicate, feminine approach.

”I wan’t my work to tell a story of strong women with a loving power inside them. My mission is to create a monument out of the light and softness we all have within us. My goal is to make every woman feel good and proud of themselves, inside and out.” – Anni Ruuth

For the designer animal welfare and environmental sustainability are number one priorities and she is constantly on an expedition for more responsible materials. The brand is known for using Responsible down (using a supplier with the RDS certification) and ostrich feathers from Finnish farms.

ANNI RUUTH creations are inspired by the sensitivity of Ballet culture and the traditional way of producing garments in Haute Couture fashion. Embroidery, feathers and high quality silk materials combined with minimalistic silhouettes are the corner stones of the brand’s visual identity. Together, feathers and silk invite us on a journey that celebrates and salutes life. The alliance of those allows us to see the reality where we all belong and which we must respect and cherish. Join the ballet of nature.


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